Live Shows & Demonstrations

Nutrition Kitchen


The DSC has cooked up a brand-new demonstration area where museum visitors can learn about healthy foods and cooking. The Nutrition Kitchen, sponsored by The Jewish Fund with support from Aetna, Bosch and Home Depot is part of the Science Center's Beaumont Hospitals Medical Marvels Gallery. The Nutrition Kitchen brings the message of wellness and healthy eating to life, and is a dynamic complement to the Science Center's health and wellness exhibits: the Junk Food Wall, the Great Weight Wheels (What the Scale Doesn't Tell You), Couch Potato Chorus, The Nutrimat, Snack Attack!, Working It Off and Stairway to
Better Health. In this new space, visitors can explore the science of food while discovering the joy of cooking through regular hands-on programs and demonstrations.





Let's Move

Chrysler Science Stage


Live, interactive stage shows bring science to life! Participate and interact with our stage performers as they conduct exciting educational programs and presentations on topics such as the human body, music, space and more! Chrysler Science Stage shows are presented several times throughout the day and are FREE with general admission.

DTE Energy Sparks Theatre


Join us for an electrifying experience that will make your hair literally stand on end. Our “spark-tacular” performances demonstrate how electricity affects the world, and how electricity and magnetism interact with matter.

Thousands of volts are generated during every demonstration…but don't worry, the DTE Energy Sparks Theater is very safe. The whole space is built within a Faraday cage, which keeps electromagnetic waves under control and ensures the safety of other activities throughout the Science Center.

Centennial Lab


Spool DNA or dissect an owl pellet! Explore other science topics and hands-on activities such as paper copters, seltzer rockets, or Solar System bracelets. Times and activities change daily and are free with general admission.