Hands-On Exhibits

The Detroit Science Center features more than 200 hands-on exhibits that explore space, life and physical science. Highlights include:


Marvel at four towering rockets in our new Rocket Laboratory for a glimpse into space travel. The models, with cutaway sections showing how they work, are built to 10:1 scale, making them as large as 36 feet tall, stretching from Level 2 of the Science Center to the roof and beyond.

Feel the rumble of a launch, see how Apollo astronauts traveled to the moon and enjoy hands-on exhibits explaining how rockets work, what makes up rocket fuel and even launch your own rocket to the planets. Peer through three telescopes positioned at varying heights that point to various astronomical targets throughout the museum. Work a Solar System Distance Scale to position each planet the correct scale distance from the sun.



Start Working it Off in this new exhibit that stresses the value of fitness and nutrition. Ride a bicycle, walk on a treadmill and propel a wheelchair to demonstrate the effort required to burn off calories. Race to see who can burn off the calories equivalent to various foods and see the spectrum of calories in various foods from low-calorie broccoli to a double cheeseburger. Learn how much effort is required to burn off the calories from these foods.


Health & Wellness
Learn how to keep those New Year's health & wellness resolutions alive 365 days a year! Interactive exhibits on nutrition and exercise combine fun with solid science to encourage both children and adults to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Exhibit include the Junk Food Wall, the Great Weight Wheels (What the Scale Doesn't Tell You), Couch Potato Chorus, The Nutrimat, Snack Attack!, Working It Off and Stairway to Better Health.


Experience how the manufacturing process turns ideas into reality with the aid of computer design, prototypes, simulations, conveyors, robots, statistics and more in the United States Steel Fun Factory.

Walk the Mini Mac Bridge, an 80-foot-long pedestrian bridge modeled after the Mackinac Bridge. Learn about some of man’s greatest engineering accomplishments and see the devastating result of a poorly engineered bridge.

Enter the Lumenarium for an enlightening look into our many waves & vibrations exhibits.